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Multiple Shipping: Spates the Florist is pleased to offer shipping to multiple addresses to all of our customers who create an account. With this feature, you can send multiple items in your Shopping Cart to more than one shipping address in just one store visit. You do not have to make separate orders with separate check outs.

It works like this: Select the product you want and add it to your shopping basket. MOST IMPORTANT: If you want to buy more than one product and you want to send each product to a different address, you must select and place in your cart each product individually. Please note that you cannot select 10 of the same product all at once and expect the system to divide them up. Each product, for each address that you send to must be selected and placed in your cart as a separate item. When you get to the check out area you will be given instructions on filling in the shipping address for the items you want to send and to whom. Please also note that your billing address must be the address where you get your credit card bills. We accept Master Card and Visa.

Setting Cookies: Every visitor to our online shop is given a 'Visitors Cart'. This allows the visitor to store their products in a temporary shopping cart and it allows you to add products to your shopping cart, and come back at a later date to finalize your checkout. All products remain in your shopping cart until you have checked them out, or removed the products themselves.

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